Accepting What We Can’t Control

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Accepting What We Can’t Control

Accept what we can’t control is hard! How do you cope when life doesn’t go as planned? Life rarely goes according to plan. I used to think I could make a plan, work hard, and accomplish what I’d set out to do. I’m a planner. I like routines and consistency. I like to know what’s […]

End a Relationship without Feeling Guilty

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How to End a Relationship without Feeling Guilty

Don’t stay in a dysfunctional or codependent relationship because of guilt. Learn how to end a relationship without feeling guilty. Guilt keeps many people stuck in dysfunctional or codependent relationships because they prioritize other people’s needs and happiness above their own. Generally, we hope or expect that relationships will last forever. We idealize close family […]

Learning to Trust Yourself Again

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Learning to Trust Yourself Again After a Toxic Relationship

Healing from an unhealthy or toxic relationship involves learning to trust yourself again. Unhealthy relationships erode your ability to trust yourself Unhealthy or toxic relationships can destroy your trust in others. For example, if your partner cheated on you or called you derogatory names, it makes sense that you may have trouble trusting that your […]

Toxic Shame and How to Overcome It

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Healing from Toxic Shame

Toxic shame is a pervasive belief that you’re bad, wrong, unworthy, or inadequate. In this post, you’ll learn to change this belief and start feeling good about yourself. What is toxic shame? Shame is often confused with guilt. Sometimes we use the terms interchangeably, but they mean different things. Guilt is the bad feeling you […]

Increase Happiness with 6 Positive Psychology Hacks

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Increase happiness with positive psychology

Positive Psychology shows us how to increase happiness by focusing on the positives and training our brains to use our strengths. Increase happiness Are you feeling discouraged about your health, your job, or the political climate in our country? Are you worried about a loved one who is struggling? Do you feel stuck in a […]

Overcome Self-Blame

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It's Time to Stop Blaming Yourself for Everything #selfblame #selfcompassion

Stop blaming yourself for everything! Try these self-compassion practices to help you overcome self-blame. Are you quick to blame yourself – even for things you didn’t do or couldn’t control? When things go wrong, is your immediate response “it’s all my fault” or “I shouldn’t have done that”? For many of us, self-blame and criticism […]

How to Stay Motivated Through the Ups and Downs of Change

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How to Stay Motivated #motivation #personalgrowth #change #healing

Personal growth and healing don’t happen in a straight line. Learn how to stay motivated through the ups and downs of change. Whether you’re healing from a traumatic event, coping with yet another depressive episode, or trying to become a better parent, you know that progress rarely happens in a straight line. Intentional growth and […]

Set Boundaries and Practice Self-Care Without Feeling Guilty

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Boundaries and self-care make codependent feel guilty.

Boundaries are a form of self-care—they protect us physically and emotionally. But many of us feel guilty when we prioritize our needs, set boundaries, and practice self-care. So, in this article I’ll help you let go of feeling guilty and recognize that it’s healthy to ask for what you need and set boundaries to keep […]

9 Practical Ways to Love Yourself

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Practical Ways to Love Yourself and practice self-compassion

This post provides nine practical ways to love yourself. Self-compassion is a powerful tool to treat yourself with loving kindness and reducing negative self-talk or inner critic. Loving yourself may feel different but it doesn’t have to be difficult using these easy strategies to love yourself. Life can be hard. We all screw up sometimes. […]

How to Reclaim Your Self-Worth

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How to Reclaim Your Self Worth

Your self-worth is your sense of worth or value as a person. And for many people, it’s a struggle to see their worth. So, if you struggle with low self-worth or low self-esteem, keep reading and find out more about how to reclaim your self-worth and start feeling good about yourself! Why do you feel […]