Guilt-Free Boundaries

Many of us avoid setting boundaries because we feel guilty when we set a limit or ask for something. Feeling guilty is understandable, but often not warranted. The tips in this article can help you set boundaries without guilt. Boundaries are important for several reasons. They create healthy relationships and clear expectations. Boundaries protect us …

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2023 new year journal prompts

As 2022 winds down, it’s useful reflect on the year with some new year journal prompts. It’s an opportunity to consider the positives, disappointments, and challenges, as well as set intentions for the new year ahead. When we move on too quickly, we don’t fully examine how these experiences have impacted us and the ways …

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Black woman in white bathrobe. Text says "Self-Care and Codependency"

Self-care is the act of doing something that increases your health and wellbeing. Self-care restores your energy and “fills you up” emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It’s treating yourself with love and compassion. Self-care helps prevent burnout and is an essential part of living a healthy, happy life. But some people have a hard time doing …

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End of year reflection journal prompts

The end of 2021 is finally here! Even though it’s been a difficult year for many of us, it’s useful to reflect on the past – to grieve our losses, notice what we overcame and learned, and acknowledge the positives. When we move on too quickly, we may miss the complexity of how these experiences …

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Coping with the holidays

I’ve gathered all of my resources for coping with the holidays here for easy access. If you’re having a hard time, I hope you’ll find some support and guidance to help you through the challenges that often come with the holidays. Articles Holiday Self-Care: Coping with Stress and Difficult Family Members 6 Things You Can …

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25 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

In this article, you’ll learn what it means to be emotionally healthy and various ways you can improve your emotional health. What is emotional health? According to, “People who are emotionally healthy are in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They are able to cope with life’s challenges. They can keep problems in …

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heart made of flowers

Self-compassion or self-love can feel uncomfortable, but you can learn to love yourself with this simple approach. This post contains an affiliate link, which means we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through our links. There is no added cost for you. How do you love yourself? When I ask people …

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new year journal prompts

Journal prompts can help you reflect on the old year and set positive intentions for 2021.

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