Perfectionism effects on health and happiness

10 Ways Perfectionism Undermines Your Health, Happiness, and Success

Perfectionism is Self-Sabotage Sometimes we undermine our own health, happiness, and success without even realizing it. Are you unconsciously doing things that make it harder to achieve your goals? Are some of your personality traits or behaviors negatively impacting your relationships? Are you constantly stressed and exhausted? What is Perfectionism? Trying to do things perfectly …

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Quotes about self-love; hand holding paper heart

18 Self-Love Quotes

Have you been short-changing yourself on self-care, saying critical or hurtful things to yourself, or setting unrealistic expectations for yourself? Are you ready to embrace your worthiness and start treating yourself with love? These inspirational self-love quotes can help you stay motivated, practice self-compassion, and promote self-love and self-acceptance. Why You Need Self-Love Loving ourselves …

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Affirmations for Perfectionists

34 Affirmations for Perfectionism

Affirmations help reduce perfectionism and increase self-acceptance and self-compassion. In this article, you’ll learn about using positive self-talk or affirmations to reduce perfectionism. What is perfectionism? Perfectionism – the relentless pursuit of being flawless in an effort to prove our worth and avoid criticism — adds unnecessary stress and pressure to our already demanding lives. …

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stop self-criticism

9 Ways to Tame Self-Criticism and Perfectionism

Self-criticism and perfectionism go hand-in-hand. In this post, you’ll learn about the connection between self-criticism and perfectionism and how to start transforming self-criticism into self-acceptance. Pressure to be perfect So many of us feel intense pressures to achieve more, do more, and be more. We live in a technology-driven society that never stops. We’re constantly …

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