Choose Excellence Not Perfection

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Choose Excellence Not Perfection

In this article, you’ll learn about the difference between striving from excellence and perfectionism–and how striving for excellence (not perfectionism) can lead to better results! The difference between excellence and perfection When we strive for excellence, we have high standards. And in general, there’s nothing wrong with having high standards. In fact, it can be […]

34 Affirmations for Perfectionism

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Affirmations can help change perfectionist thinking

Affirmations help reduce perfectionism and increase self-acceptance and self-compassion. In this article, you’ll learn about using positive self-talk or affirmations to reduce perfectionism. What is perfectionism? Perfectionism – the relentless pursuit of being flawless in an effort to prove our worth and avoid criticism — adds unnecessary stress and pressure to our already demanding lives. […]

The Lies Perfectionism Tells Us (and 6 Truths Every Perfectionist Needs to Know)

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The Lies Perfectionism Tells Us. Myths about perfectionism lead us to believe perfectionism is an asset.

Perfectionism seems straightforward, but it’s often misunderstood. Many people think perfectionism helps them achieve their goals and get better results. American culture continues to encourage perfectionism despite all of the research that indicates perfectionism is associated with increased anxiety, depression, suicidal behavior, eating disorders, relationship and health problems.* The fallacy that perfectionism is helpful (or […]

Overcome Self-Blame

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It's Time to Stop Blaming Yourself for Everything #selfblame #selfcompassion

Stop blaming yourself for everything! Try these self-compassion practices to help you overcome self-blame. Are you quick to blame yourself – even for things you didn’t do or couldn’t control? When things go wrong, is your immediate response “it’s all my fault” or “I shouldn’t have done that”? For many of us, self-blame and criticism […]

A Therapist’s Guide to Stop Overthinking

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A Therapist's Guide to Stop Overthinking and Worrying #anxiety #worry #overthinking

Anxiety, worry, and overthinking can be incapacitating. Learn to stop overthinking, manage anxiety, and lessen worry with these therapist-approved tips. What is overthinking? Do you spend countless hours rehashing mistakes you made? Do you worry about what others think of you? Do you struggle to make decisions — and get caught up in excessive researching […]

Self-Care for Perfectionists

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Don't Let Perfectionism Sabotage your Self-Care

Perfectionists have a hard time prioritizing self-care. In this article, learn about self-care for perfectionists and ways to reduce feeling guilty or selfish when you do things for yourself. Perfectionism makes it hard to practice to self-care. Perfectionists are more concerned with goals and accomplishments than with our own wellbeing. Sometimes, we’re so busy that […]

Healing the Psychological Effects of Abandonment

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Healing the psychological effects of abandonment

Experiencing emotional abandonment in childhood can make us feel anxious, distrustful, ashamed, and inadequate – and these feelings often follow us into adulthood and make it difficult for us to form healthy, trusting relationships. In this article, you’ll learn how to begin healing the psychological effects of abandonment.  What is emotional abandonment? Emotional abandonment means […]

9 Ways to Tame Self-Criticism and Perfectionism

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9 Ways to Stop Self-Critical Perfectionist Thinking

Self-criticism and perfectionism go hand-in-hand. In this post, you’ll learn about the connection between self-criticism and perfectionism and how to start transforming self-criticism into self-acceptance. Pressure to be perfect So many of us feel intense pressures to achieve more, do more, and be more. We live in a technology-driven society that never stops. We’re constantly […]

Perfectionism Isn’t About Trying to Be Perfect

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Perfectionism Isn't Always About Trying to Be Perfect #perfectionism #hiddensigns #perfectionist #perfect #imperfect

People often miss the signs of problematic perfectionism because they think it’s about being perfect. In this article, you’ll learn about six hidden signs of perfectionism that might surprise you. Are you a perfectionist? The answer might not be as obvious as you think. When we think of perfectionists, we tend to think of people […]

Release Mother’s Day Guilt

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Release Mother's Day Guilt. Moms can give up mother's day guilt, perfectionism, and people-pleasing and reclaim mother's day.

  Moms, you deserve to reclaim Mother’s Day and make it a day that truly makes you happy. Mother’s Day is often filled with angst and guilt and conflict. Mothers are particularly good at taking care of everyone else, wanting to please people, keep the peace, and simply putting themselves last. And some Moms have […]