Being dependent on others is often portrayed negatively. Individualistic cultures stress the importance of being self-reliant. We’re told not to be too needy because it’s unattractive and burdens others. And depending on others feels vulnerable; there’s a chance that they will let us down. We all depend on others. Humans are social creatures; we crave connection, …

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How to Create Interdependent Relationships

What is an interdependent relationship? Humans are social beings; we’ve always craved connection and depended on each other for our survival. Relying on others for emotional and practical support is a natural part of the human experience. This is called interdependency. In an interdependent relationship, people rely on each other for support and love—and also …

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Dependency vs. Codependency

Codependency is an unhealthy form of dependency, but it’s not dependency in and of itself that’s the problem. There are healthy forms of dependency, otherwise known as interdependency, that make relationships stronger. But distinguishing codependency from interdependency can be tricky — especially if you haven’t experienced many healthy relationships yourself. What is interdependency? Humans are …

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