couple arguing anxiety in codependent relationships

Codependency and anxiety go hand in hand. Codependents tend to worry and take on other people’s feelings and problems. This creates high levels of stress and anxiety that I refer to as “anxious codependency”. In this article you’ll learn about the connection between codependency and anxiety and how to reduce anxiety and manage codependent tendencies …

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couple facing apart

Are you helping or enabling? Have you ever wondered what the difference is? In this article, you’ll learn to stop enabling, end codependent patterns, and calm your anxiety and worry about your loved one. What is enabling? Enabling is doing something for someone that they can reasonably do for themselves. Originally, enabling referred specifically to …

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Detaching with love helps codependents and enablers. When we detach with love, we stop worrying and interfering and let others take responsibility for themselves. What is detaching with love? Detaching (or detaching with love) is a core component of codependency recovery. If you’re often worried about a loved one, disappointed or upset by their choices, …

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Is it codependency or caring?

Healthy caregiving vs. codependent caretaking It’s natural to express love by taking care of others, especially when you see a loved one struggling or hurting. However, the difference between codependency and caring isn’t clear. Certainly, not all caregiving is bad or unhealthy. When trying to determine if our caretaking is based on codependency, it’s useful …

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How to Avoid People's Drama

Don’t let other people’s drama become your problem! Instead, learn to avoid drama, set boundaries, and take care of your own needs.     We all know a person or two who’s overly dramatic. It could be your mother, cousin, coworker, or neighbor. Spending time with people who exude negative energy, always seem to have a problem …

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Boundaries with Toxic People

Key Points: A note about terminology: The term “toxic people” is used in this article to describe people who consistently exhibit manipulative or harmful behaviors. It is not the ideal term and I’d prefer not to label people at all. However, using this popular term allows people searching on the internet to find pertinent resources, …

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