Unsolicited Advice

Are you guilty of giving unsolicited advice? Advice is usually intended to be helpful. And many of us (myself included) offer guidance and suggestions, even tell others what they should do, without being asked.  Regardless of our intentions, giving advice that isn’t wanted, can be annoying, intrusive, and even manipulative. In this article, we’ll explore …

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Strengthen Family Relationships

Are family relationships important to you? If so, try using these five ideas to strengthen your family relationships. Everyone I know is busy! It’s hard NOT to cram our schedules to the brim with our kids’ activities, volunteer projects, work, religious services, and social engagements! We all know that it’s easy to let our family …

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Mother criticizing son. 6 effective ways to deal with criticism

Criticism can hurt, especially if you’re a perfectionist or sensitive person. In this article, you’ll learn effective tips to deal with criticism. Criticism hurts. Nobody likes criticism, but some of us are particularly sensitive to it. Do you take it personally if your boss tells you to be quiet during a meeting? Does it ruin your …

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