codependent parent

ending generational codependency parenting young adults

In this article, you’ll learn about: This article is for parents of teens and young adult children. Some of it may apply to parenting younger children. Additional information about how parents can break the codependent cycle with their children can be found in this article: Parenting When You’re Codependent: How to Break the Cycle. What …

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Codependent Parent

Are you a codependent parent? Do you have an enmeshed relationship with your adult child? Codependency can be a problem in any type of relationship. However, it can be especially hard to spot in parent-child relationships. In this article, we’ll explore symptoms of a codependent parent-child relationship and ways to create a healthier relationship with …

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Generational Effects Codependency

Codependency is most often the result of childhood trauma.  But many readers have written to me, confused because they’re codependent and had a “normal” childhood. “I don’t understand why I’m codependent. I’ve read your posts, but I didn’t grow up in a dysfunctional family. How did this happen?” “Is it possible to be codependent if …

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