The Need to Please: The Psychology of People-Pleasing

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girl in white dress, The need to please: the psychology of people-pleasing

In this article, you’ll learn about the psychology of people-pleasing: Why we do it and how to reduce people-pleasing and codependent behaviors. Do you have a strong desire to please others? When was the last time you told someone “No, I can’t help you with that” or “I have a different opinion”? It can feel […]

We Repeat What We Don’t Repair

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We Repeat What We Don't Repair

Do you seem to repeat the same dysfunctional relationship patterns – even though they leave you frustrated and hurt? Why do some people end up in one codependent relationship after another? Why does a woman with an emotionally distant mother repeat the same pattern with her own children? Why do so many adult children of […]

6 Roles in Addicted Families

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6 roles in addicted families. Child hiding while parents argue.

Addiction can have devastating effects on families. As a way of coping, family members commonly take on 6 roles in addicted families. In this article, you’ll learn about these six roles and how addiction effects the entire family. Alcoholism and addiction affect the entire family, not just the addict. The effects are especially profound if […]

What Causes Codependency?

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parents arguing: text: What causes codependency?

Learn what causes codependency, how it often develops as a way to cope with growing up in a dysfunctional family. What Causes Codependency? Once people recognize that they have codependent traits, they often begin to wonder where these codependent tendencies came from. Why are some people susceptible to codependency in their adult relationships? What causes codependency? Why […]

27 Signs that You’re Recovering from Codependency

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woman smiling, text: 27 signs that you're recovering from codependency

How do you know if you’re recovering from codependency? Check this list to see how you’re progressing with your recovery. Recovering from codependency is a process — often a long and challenging one. You may find yourself wondering if you’re making progress. You may feel discouraged at times. And you may even feel like you’re […]

How to Set Healthy Boundaries

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how to set healthy boundaries

Setting boundaries doesn’t come easily or naturally to a lot of people, but you can learn to set healthy boundaries.  I’m going to share ten tips that I find helpful. Boundaries are limits that we set to protect our time, energy, and physical and emotional wellbeing. Boundaries are a way to tell others what we […]

Growing Up in an Alcoholic Family

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Growing up in an alcoholic family

Growing up in an alcoholic family can be lonely, scary, and confusing. Children in alcoholic or dysfunctional families don’t get a childhood. You Don’t Get a Childhood When You Grow Up in an Alcoholic Family Growing up in an alcoholic family has a different effect on different kids. Factor such as personality, internal and external […]

Recover from Codependency by Setting Intentions

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Setting Intentions to Recover for Codependency

Setting an intention to change your codependent thoughts and behaviors can help you recover from codependency. Can setting intentions help you recover from codependency? Are you trying to recover from codependency or heal from an unhealthy or toxic relationship? Perhaps you’ve noticed that you have some codependent traits, such as enabling, letting people take advantage […]

How to Let Go of Guilt

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Hot to let go of guilt

Learn how to let go of guilt, especially false guilt. Often we feel guilty when we haven’t done anything wrong or we continue to beat ourselves up over a minor misstep. Are you ready to let go of guilt and start feeling better about yourself? If you have codependent traits, you probably take responsibility for […]