What are boundaries and why do I need them?

What are boundaries? Why do we need them? And how do we set them? Find out in this article. What are boundaries? A boundary is an imaginary line that separates me from you. It separates your physical space, your feelings, needs, and responsibilities from others. Your boundaries also tell other people how they can treat …

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People-pleasing is a losing battle. When you focus on self-love and self-compassion rather than trying to get others to love you, you build your self-esteem and break codependent patterns so you can form healthier, happier relationships—with yourself and others. Loving yourself can be one of the hardest, yet most important things you’ll ever do. What …

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Boundaries with Toxic People

This article discusses ways to set boundaries with “toxic” people*. This includes identifying your needs, communicating effectively, recognizing your options, detaching with love, releasing guilt, and limiting contact. It isn’t easy to set boundaries with toxic people! But we can all learn to set boundaries with toxic people — and when we do, it’s empowering. …

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Tips for Coping with the Holidays. 5 printable PDF tip sheets to help you conquer perfectionism, difficult family members, stress, overwhelm, and depression.

Introducing 5 New Holiday Tip Sheets from Psychotherapist and Codependency Expert Sharon Martin, LCSW Are you dreading the holidays because of difficult people in your life? Do you tend to get stressed, sad, or overwhelmed during December? Do you want to set a positive tone for the holiday season? Would it be helpful to keep …

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Codependents Stop Enabling

Enabling doesn’t actually help anyone. Codependents can learn to stop enabling and controlling by setting boundaries, detaching with love, and managing anxiety. What is codependency? Codependency is a dysfunctional relationship pattern. People who identify as codependent usually play the role of “rescuer” in a relationship with someone who is impaired, addicted, or ill in some way. …

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Setting boundaries is hard work! You may be wondering if they’re really worth the effort. How are boundaries going to make my life better? What are the benefits of setting boundaries?  I can’t promise that setting boundaries will be easy. But I want to share six benefits of setting boundaries. I hope that when you see …

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