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Codependents are often caretakers, which is a great quality—except we tend to do it at our own expense, and often when help isn’t wanted or needed. The result is a codependent pattern of rescuing, resenting, and regretting. Learn to break this pattern and stop rescuing and enabling. Codependent rescuing Rescuing is an unhealthy version of …

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Coping with the holidays

I’ve gathered all of my resources for coping with the holidays here for easy access. If you’re having a hard time, I hope you’ll find some support and guidance to help you through the challenges that often come with the holidays. Articles Podcasts Free Guide Paid Resources

Unsolicited Advice

Are you guilty of giving unsolicited advice? Advice is usually intended to be helpful. And many of us (myself included) offer guidance and suggestions, even tell others what they should do, without being asked.  Regardless of our intentions, giving advice that isn’t wanted, can be annoying, intrusive, and even manipulative. In this article, we’ll explore …

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How to talk about your feelings

Is hard for you to talk about your feelings? Or do you have trouble asking for what you need in your relationships? If so, you’re not alone! Talking about your feelings can be scary Sharing your feelings can be a daunting proposition. When you share your feelings, you allow yourself to be vulnerable. And vulnerability …

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Better Boundaries Bonus

My new book, The Better Boundaries Workbook, will arrive in just a few weeks (November 1, 2021, in the U. S.). I’ve been working on this book for the last two years and I’m excited to share it with you. And to help you get excited, I’ve created some early-order gifts for you. Why pre-order? …

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Am I in a Codependent Relationship?

What is codependency? You may be in a codependent relationship if you “over-function” and your partner (or friend or family member) “under-functions”. In other words, you put too much focus on doing things for other people but neglect your own needs. Codependent relationships can exist between spouses, parents and children, friends, co-workers, etc. For simplicity, …

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why some people won't take responsibility

Do you know someone who refuses to take responsibility for their mistakes or wrongdoings? Or perhaps, you’re the one who struggles to admit when you’re wrong. Sometimes it’s hard to admit that we’ve done something wrong or made a mistake. And it’s challenging to deal with others who repeatedly deny responsibility and blame others. Why …

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If you’re a highly sensitive person, setting boundaries can present some extra challenges. In this article, we’ll explore why this is and I’ll share some tips for setting boundaries as a Highly Sensitive Person. What is a Highly Sensitive Peron (HSP)? Some people are naturally more sensitive than others. And with that comes advantages and …

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4 Signs Your Boundaries are too Weak or too Rigid

Are your boundaries too weak or too rigid? Either can cause problems. In this article, you’ll learn the difference between weak, rigid, and healthy boundaries–and how to set better boundaries. What is a healthy boundary? Most of us are familiar with the concept of boundaries. Boundaries serve as limits, telling others how we want to …

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