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Are you helping or enabling? Have you ever wondered what the difference is? In this article, you’ll learn to stop enabling, end codependent patterns, and calm your anxiety and worry about your loved one. What is enabling? Enabling is doing something for someone that they can reasonably do for themselves. Originally, enabling referred specifically to …

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Detaching with love helps codependents and enablers. When we detach with love, we stop worrying and interfering and let others take responsibility for themselves. What is detaching with love? Detaching (or detaching with love) is a core component of codependency recovery. If you’re often worried about a loved one, disappointed or upset by their choices, …

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Should I leave a troubled relationship

Deciding whether to end a relationship is a big decision. As a therapist, I often see people struggle with whether to leave dysfunctional relationships or stick it out. For someone with codependency, the decision to leave a dysfunctional or abusive partner is especially hard. Why it’s hard to end a “toxic”, dysfunctional, or abusive relationship …

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