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Are you surprised by your results? Sometimes perfectionism is obvious and visible — and sometimes it’s hidden, but still equally destructive.  

The CBT Workbook for Perfectionism by Sharon Martin. Overcome perfectionism workbook #perfectionism #cbt

If you scored a 25 or higher, consider using a resource, such as The CBT Workbook for Perfectionism, to help you reduce self-criticism, stress, procrastination, and other perfectionistic behaviors and reclaim your self-worth and create more balance in your life! 0-12 Perfectionism doesn’t seem to be a problem for you.
13-20 Perfectionism occasionally makes your life more difficult.
21-30 Perfectionism regularly causes problems in your life.
31-40 Perfectionism consistently makes your life more difficult.
41-66 Perfectionism causes major problems for you, likely interfering with your quality of life, productivity, mental and physical health, and relationships.  
Please Remember: This quiz is designed to provide you with new insights about yourself. It is not based on research and is not empirically valid.

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