The holidays are sneaking up on us! Everything imaginable is flavored with pumpkin, the stores are playing Christmas music, the decorations are up... And you're filled with anxiety and dread. Instead of just surviving the holidays this year, learn to enjoy them with your sanity and humor intact!

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Does the thought of spending the holidays with your family make you anxious and full of dread?

Perhaps there's a pit in your stomach or you're exhausted due to worrying, overthinking, headaches, or back pain.

Toxic family members can suck the joy and excitement right out of the holidays. Do you have a mother who's always got something critical to say about your appearance or the way you're raising your kids? Or maybe you have a demanding mother-in-law who's always making snide remarks under her breath, a brother who loves to rile everyone up with his political commentary, or an aunt who always drinks too much and starts acting inappropriately.

If you have a difficult or toxic family member, you know that the holidays are the most challenging time of year.

Handle the holiday so they don't handle you!

  • Do you wish the holidays felt more joyful?
  • Are you dreading spending time with particular family members over the holidays?
  • Do the holidays feel more like obligations than celebrations?
  • Do you feel like you’re walking on eggshells, trying to keep the peace?
  • Do you put everyone else’s needs before your own?
  • Are you afraid to speak up and ask for what you want or need?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and unappreciated?
  • Do you feel tense and anxious as you prepare for the holidays?
  • Do you feel alone or unsupported in coping with holiday challenges?
coping with the holidays online class


Handling the Holidays Toolkit

Here's what you'll get:

  • a digital workbook (39 pages of concrete exercises) designed by a licensed psychotherapist to help you cope with challenging people and regain a sense of calm and contentment


PLUS get 5 bonus worksheets to help reduce stress:

  • Happy Tradition or an Obligation? (A Boundary-Setting Worksheet)
  • 25 Coping Mantras
  • Holiday Gratitude Journal
  • Shopping List
  • To-Do List

AND 2 brand new meditations in both written and audio formats:

  • Meditation for Dealing with Difficult People
  • Meditation for Coping with Holiday Stress



In this workbook you'll learn:

  • How to deal with difficult people in your life (addicts, narcissists, toxic, and other dysfunctional people)
  • How to set realistic expectations and avoid being disappointed and resentful
  • How to stop trying to change others and focus on changing yourself
  • How to recognize your triggers and avoid over or underreacting
  • How to set boundaries and communicate assertively
  • How to prioritize self-care and treat yourself with compassion in the midst of holiday tension
  • How to recognize early signs of stress, so you can head it off early
  • How to say "no" without feeling guilty
  • How to balance caring for others and caring for yourself


Take a closer look at what you'll learn in each module

Recognizing your triggers and distorted thoughts

Module 1

  • How to identify your holiday triggers
  • Why monitoring your stress level is key to staying healthy
  • The role that false beliefs and distorted thoughts play in keeping you stuck
  • How to change your false beliefs and regain a sense of control


Module 2

  • Why you overreact and underreact to difficult people
  • How anticipating challenges can help you cope
  • How to get in touch with your feelings and why it matters
  • How to ask for what you want and need
  • Why you need to pick your battles


Healthy communication and assertive holiday communication
Setting realistic expectations during the holidays

Module 3

  • How expectations can lead to feeling disappointed and resentful
  • Ways to become aware of your expectations
  • How to figure out if your expectations are realistic
  • How to set realistic expectations


Module 4

  • Why boundaries are a form of self-care and how to set them
  • How to balance taking care of others and taking care of yourself
  • How self-compassion can help you cope with holiday challenges


self-care and self-compassion workbook


Give yourself the gift of a more peaceful and joyful holiday season!

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About the author

Sharon Martin is an experienced psychotherapist, mental health writer, and relationship expert. She's helped thousands of men and women overcome codependency, perfectionism, and self-criticism so they can embrace their authentic selves and build happy, healthy relationships. Sharon believes boundaries are an essential component of self-care and is passionate about spreading the word that boundaries aren't selfish and there's no need to feel guilty about taking care of yourself!


headshot of Sharon Martin LCSW


"One of the many qualities that I admire and respect about Sharon is her clinical expertise and commitment in helping individuals reduce anxiety, especially individuals with difficult family members. Sharon has a rare combination of compassion, clarity and solid tools in supporting the people she works with through her therapy practice and her wonderful online courses and materials."

-- Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT

"I love Sharon Martin’s work on healing codependency and childhood issues. Her online work has made a significant impact in the recovery community and those wanting to heal from codependent issues. I’ve followed her work for years and have found her work on boundaries and childhood wounds incredibly valuable both personally and professionally. If you get a chance to work with her - don’t wait. You’ll learn valuable tools that will make a huge difference in your relationships!"

-- Michelle Farris, LMFT

"Sharon Martin was a speaker for our Overcoming Codependency Online Conference recently, and our audience absolutely loved her! She discussed the importance of setting boundaries in relationships, and what I found most fascinating was her stressing the importance of not only physical boundaries but emotional and mental boundaries. Sharon also shared incredibly helpful insights about codependency, and strategies to help people learn to love and accept themselves and create healthy, loving, thriving relationships."

- Ande Anderson, MS, RD, Co-Founder of AVAIYA

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Q: Who is this book for?

A: Handling the holidays is for adults who feel stressed, overwhelmed, and alone in coping with challenging or toxic people during the holiday season.


Q: Will I receive a print copy of the workbook?

A: No, this is a digital download. Upon purchase, you'll receive a link to download the book. It's a 39 page PDF that you can easily print.


Q: When will I receive the workbook?

A: You'll receive it immediately (usually within 5-10 minutes).

Handling the Holidays includes:

39-page Workbook

25 Coping Mantras

Meditation for Dealing with Difficult People

Mediation for Coping with Holiday Stress

Audio Versions of Both Meditations

Gratitude Journal

To-Do List + Shopping List

Now $25

The holidays don't have to be stressful. A workbook for codependents and anyone coping with dysfunctional or toxic family during the holidays. #codependency #recovery #support #onlineclass #stress #holiday
The holidays are stressful for most of us. Learn boundaries, stress management, assertiveness, and how to prioritize your needs. A downloadable workbook to learn practical skills to cope with toxic people and holiday stress. #codependency #recovery #support #workbook #stress #holiday