Holiday Resource Bundle

Holiday Resource Bundle Includes:


Your Guide to Self-Acceptance

16-page digital guide designed to help you reduce perfectionism and increase self-acceptance (includes tips, written exercises, and journal prompts)

Meditation for Letting Go of Perfectionism


Handling the Holidays

39-page digital guide designed to help you anticipate holiday challenges and create a plan to cope effectively

25 Coping Mantras

Meditation for Dealing with Difficult People (written and audio format)

Meditation for Coping with Holiday Stress (written and audio format)


5 Holiday Tip Sheets

7 Ways to Take Care of Yourself During the Holidays

9 Mindfulness Strategies to Help You Enjoy the Holidays

15 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

6 Tips to Help You Embrace Imperfection During the Holidays

Guide to Healthy Holiday Boundaries

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