Two sets of hands pulling on a rope. Text reads "Effects of Family Estrangement".

Many families experience estrangement. Sometimes an estrangement lasts a lifetime and other times family members reconcile and either put aside their differences or forge a stronger relationship. An estrangement can be a complete cutoff of all communication (no contact) or a partial cutoff where one person makes a consistent effort to limit contact or emotional …

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Reasons for parent-child estrangement

It can be hard to understand why adult children cut ties with a parent. This is usually because we assume that parent-child relationships are not only important but functional. Family is forever. Blood is thicker than water. These sayings reflect our assumptions that family relationships are close and long-lasting. Parent-child relationships, in particular, are expected …

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Cutting Ties with Toxic Family

Cutting ties with your family is difficult–and not what most people want. But sometimes it’s the only way to save your sanity and heal the emotional pain caused by a “toxic”* or abusive family. Cutting ties with toxic family members is an act of self-care. Not something you do because you’re mean or spiteful. It’s …

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