The Better Boundaries Guided Journal

A Safe Space to Reflect on Your Needs and Work Toward Healthy, Respectful Relationships

Better Boundaries Guided Journal by Sharon Martin

Journal Your Way to Better Boundaries and More Fulfilling Relationships

Do you have trouble saying “no,” or find yourself constantly sacrificing your own well-being to satisfy the needs of others?

If you find yourself feeling responsible for others’ health and happiness, worrying about letting people down, or have a hard time speaking up for yourself, you may have difficulty setting healthy personal boundaries. Healthy boundaries are essential to our well-being, and can protect us from toxic relationships, abuse, and burnout. Yet many people struggle to honor their own needs. So, how can you practice setting boundaries in a safe space, without fear of repercussion?

From the author of The Better Boundaries Workbook comes this first-of-its-kind guided journal, where you can freely explore your needs, wishes, and expectations of others. By following a series of simple writing prompts, you’ll bolster your communication skills and learn to establish and maintain better boundaries in all aspects of life. With this journal, you can write down your deepest thoughts and feelings—without being judged or criticized. And as you work, step by step, through a series of reflections and writing exercises, you’ll be able to practice asserting yourself and building the boundaries that will not only protect you, but empower you to thrive.

If putting others’ needs first is negatively impacting your life and well-being, and you are ready to focus on your own happiness and peace of mind, pick up this journal and write your way to healthy boundaries, improved confidence, and your full potential.

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Praise for The Better Boundaries Guided Journal

“As a marriage and family therapist, I wholeheartedly recommend this transformative journal for liberating yourself from people-pleasing, codependency, and unhealthy relationship patterns. Setting itself apart, this unique journal features straightforward checklists and empowering prompts to guide you in establishing and communicating boundaries effectively. Essential for overcoming fear, fostering self-awareness, and embracing your authenticity, it serves as a practical and invaluable guide on your healing journey!”
—Kristen D. Boice, LMFT, owner of Pathways to Healing Counseling, and host of the Close the Chapter podcast

“Sharon Martin takes you on a journey to discover and understand your boundaries through this journal. It explores all aspects of boundaries from myths to your motivation to change. It helps one discover what stands in the way of establishing and following through on boundary setting, and how to move past that. This journal is a useful tool that will give you the skills to create important and lasting change.”
—Jessica Fowler, LCSW, host of the What Your Therapist Is Reading podcast

“Sharon Martin’s new book, The Better Boundaries Guided Journal, is a wonderful resource! The journal explores all the ways we might get stuck creating and holding boundaries, and provides thoughtful, compassionate prompts to work through those obstacles. I highly recommend Martin’s journal to anyone who needs support and guidance with boundary setting.”
—Elizabeth Cush, LCPC, life coach for highly sensitive women and host of the Awaken Your Wise Woman podcast

“If you struggle with how to set healthy boundaries or think you can’t, this guided journal is a must! Sharon assists you in exploring your beliefs on boundaries, how to create them, and ways to practice your new skills. It can transform your life from overwhelmed and stressed out to empowered and fulfilled. I highly recommend this journal to my clients.”
—Nicole Burgess, LMFT, host of the Launching Your Daughter and Soulfilled Sisterhood podcasts

“This journal feels like a highly skilled therapist holding your hand, step by step, through the personal process of changing your daily lived experience. Sharon provides a safe space to not just talk about the need for boundaries, but to do something about them and adjust behaviors over time. Her warmth and care radiate off of the pages!”
—Caitlin Faas, PhD, author of Unstuck

The Better Boundaries Guided Journal guided me step by step through how to identify and set my boundaries. This journal made me feel encouraged and supported while showing me how to improve my boundaries. Sharon’s journal is a much-needed resource for how to move past old beliefs that no longer serve me. This is truly an amazing resource for anyone wanting to learn about setting boundaries and moving past the fears that often accompany them.”
—Michelle Farris, psychotherapist, codependency expert, and author of The Self-Trust Journal and The Codependency Workbook

“In circumstances where boundaries are blurred or unestablished, Sharon Martin brings the opportunity to gain insight and clarity with The Better Boundaries Guided Journal. Using a well-considered process, it is possible for the reader to navigate the complex landscape of relationships, self-care, and personal growth. With each page, Sharon Martin empowers readers to honor their self-journey, while cultivating the possibility for fulfilling connections. Recommended for anyone on the path to establishing their sense of self in the midst of a relationship.”
—Hope Eden, LCSW, founder of The Organized Therapist

Dr. Sharon Martin LCSW

About Sharon Martin, DSW, LCSW

I am a licensed psychotherapist, author, and boundaries expert. Through my writing, coaching, and counseling, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals who struggle with codependency, relationship struggles, perfectionism, and self-criticism.

I believe boundaries are an essential component of healthy relationships and self-care–and I’m passionate about spreading the word that boundaries aren’t selfish and there’s no need to feel guilty about taking care of yourself!

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