Hi, I’m Sharon Martin.

I’m passionate about helping perfectionists, people-pleasers, and people who never feel good enough.

Sharon Martin codependency perfectionism expert

I started my career as a psychotherapist working with the neediest members of our community — those struggling with addiction, mental illness, homelessness, and family problems. More recently, I’ve focused on building a successful private psychotherapy practice in San Jose, CA.

And while all of these endeavors have been meaningful, I found myself wanting to reach even more people. Writing and speaking about emotional wellness and relationships has allowed me to do this. I’m excited to share with you all of the knowledge I’ve gathered from two decades in the mental health field.

I created this personal development website to provide you with self-improvement tools using positive psychology, mindfulness, self-compassion, and healthy habits.

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My Approach

I believe you are worth investing in.

  I believe you have the capacity to grow and change.

I believe that self-compassion and accountability are both important.

I believe in utilizing your strengths.

I believe you are worthy of self-care and healthy relationships.

I believe in unconditional acceptance.

I believe humor is healing

Clinical Experience

Master’s degree in clinical social work.

Bachelor’s degree in psychology.

25 years as a psychotherapist specializing in treating codependency, perfectionism, and anxiety.

Writing Experience

Author of The Better Boundaries Workbook (New Harbinger Publications 2021).

Author of The CBT Workbook for Perfectionism (New Harbinger Publications 2019).

Mental Health Blogger for Psychology Today.

Former Columnist for PsychCentral and The Good Men Project.

Articles published on websites such as Your Tango, About.com, The New Social Worker, Highly Sensitive Refuge, Bustle.

Author of two e-books: Handling the Holidays and Navigating the Codependency Maze.

Short Bio

Sharon Martin, MSW, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist who has been practicing in San Jose, CA for over 20 years. She specializes in helping individuals struggling with perfectionism, codependency, and people-pleasing using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and self-compassion. Sharon is the author of The CBT Workbook for Perfectionism and The Better Boundaries Workbook. She also writes the popular blog “Conquering Codependency” for Psychology Today and is a regular media contributor who has been quoted in publications such as Redbook Magazine, SimpleMost, The Huffington Post, and on Healthline.com, Today.com, and Inc.com.   

Sharon’s Books

Better Boundaries Workbook

The Better Boundaries Workbook

CBT Workbook for Perfectionism

The CBT Workbook for Perfectionism

Sharon’s Books

Better Boundaries Workbook

The Better Boundaries Workbook

CBT Workbook for Perfectionism

The CBT Workbook for Perfectionism

Kind Words

Sharon Martin, LCSW, is not only one of my favorite columnists on the Good Men Project…I’m excited each week to see what she is writing and I’m proud to have her in my circle of writers.

Jeremy McKeen, former Lead Editor at The Good Men Project

I’ve forwarded so many of your posts to so many of my clients…I truly appreciate you & your writing.

Gina Martin, Licensed Professional Counselor

Sharon responded with great follow-up responses and integrated them into her topic of stress management. I highly recommend Sharon Martin in this capacity!

Lisa Jacobs, organizer of the Limitless Women’s Retreat

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