What are the ABCs of codependency recovery?

ABCs of codependency recovery


Affirmations are positive statements that instill hope and motivation. They are an important part of creating healthier thought patterns.

You’ll receive 25 affirmations developed specifically for codependents.

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Boundaries are a way to set limits and communicate our needs to others. Boundaries are a form of self-care and protection. And yet, they often make us feel guilty or selfish. We’re afraid of upsetting others and don’t know how to respond when our boundaries are violated. Learn to set boundaries without guilt!

You’ll receive Sharon’s 77-page e-book Setting Boundaries without Guilt (both a printable PDF version and a fillable electronic version for those who prefer not to print it).

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Cultivating Self-Love

At the root of codependency are feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness. So, it’s essential that we learn to love and accept ourselves.

You’ll receive 25 journal prompts to help you change codependent behaviors, know yourself better, and increase self-compassion.

Overcome Codependency!

ABCs of codependency recovery

Do you struggle to set boundaries?

Do you feel guilty when you speak up for yourself?

Are you tired of trying to please everyone else?

Do people take advantage of your kindness?

Learn to set clear, effective boundaries with confidence!

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The ABCs of Codependency Recovery includes

  • Exercises to help you reduce people-pleasing and decide whose opinion really matters
  • Strategies for Setting Boundaries
  • Case Studies to Illustrate Boundary Challenges
  • Help for Managing Boundary Violations
  • Tips for Managing Stress
  • Reflective Questions and Journal Prompts
  • Affirmations to promote positive thinking

You’ll also this bonus!

  • Both audio and PDF versions of Sharon’s original meditation “Healing from Shame”


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“One of the many qualities that I admire and respect about Sharon is her clinical expertise and commitment in helping individuals reduce anxiety, especially individuals with difficult family members. Sharon has a rare combination of compassion, clarity, and solid tools for supporting the people she works with through her therapy practice and her wonderful online courses and materials.”

Mari Lee, LMFT, CSAT

“I love Sharon Martin’s work on healing codependency and childhood issues. Her online work has made a significant impact in the recovery community and those wanting to heal from codependent issues. I’ve followed her work for years and have found her work on boundaries and childhood wounds incredibly valuable both personally and professionally. If you get a chance to work with her – don’t wait. You’ll learn valuable tools that will make a huge difference in your relationships!​

Michelle Farris, LMFT

This is a digital product. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with instructions and links to download the affirmations, boundaries e-book, journal prompts, and meditation. Please promptly download them and save them to your computer. Saving them on a smartphone is not recommended.

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