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of Dysfunctional Families

I’m Dr. Sharon Martin, a psychotherapist and author specializing in helping adults who grew up in dysfunctional families. My work focuses on codependency, people-pleasing, perfectionism, family estrangement, and other issues facing adult children.

I believe boundaries are an essential component of self-care and I’m passionate about spreading the word that boundaries aren’t selfish–and there’s no need to feel guilty about taking care of yourself!

My goal is to support individuals in overcoming codependency, perfectionism, and self-criticism so they can embrace their authentic selves and build happy, healthy relationships.

The Better Boundaries Guided Journal

Journal Your Way to Better Boundaries and More Fulfilling Relationships.

If putting others’ needs first is negatively impacting your life and well-being, and you are ready to focus on your own happiness and peace of mind, pick up this journal and write your way to healthy boundaries, improved confidence, and your full potential.

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Let’s get started!

Do you put everyone else’s needs before your own?

Do you criticize yourself constantly–even for the tiniest mistakes?

Do you struggle to set or enforce boundaries?

Do you feel like no matter how much you do or accomplish, it’s never enough?

Do you have trouble dealing with uncertainty or adjusting to change?

If so, you’re in the right place! Check out one of my quick start guides, to get started.

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Better Boundaries Workbook

The Better Boundaries Workbook

Perfectionism Workbook

The CBT Workbook for Perfectionism

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